I picked up pottery as a hobby the summer of 2019. I decided that I wasn't getting any better at my hobby at the time, bowling. So I quit my bowling league and signed up for pottery classes. At that point I exclusively did handbuilding.

When COVID shutdowns started, they temporarily closed the pottery studio that I go to. It was only closed for a little while. I was still going into the office every day, so I didn't feel comfortable being in the enclosed space of the studio without worrying about the possibility of getting COVID and passing it on to the other studio members. So, I didn't go back until April 2021 after I received my second round of the vaccine.

Once I got back into the studio, I picked up classes to learn how to do wheel throwing. Now I do a combination, but so far I think handbuilding is still my favorite.

Puzzle Flask - Aug. 2021

Ring Flask - Aug. 2021

Donut Monster - Aug. 2021

Ring Flask - Aug. 2021

Tic-Tac-Toe - Oct. 2021

Checkers - Nov. 2021

Dominos - Dec. 2021

Eye Wall Hanger - July 2019

Monsta' - Aug. 2019

Shark Candy Dish - Aug. 2019

Sad Little Fella - Sept. 2021

Avocado Dish - Feb. 2020

Pink & Black Mug - Dec. 2021

Heart Bowl - Aug. 2021

Fortune Cookie - Oct. 2019

Cloud Flower Pot - June 2021

Bowls. They're essential, but they're not my favorite thing to make by any stretch.

Sometimes things don't go as planned. Here, have a look at some things that didn't quite make it.