About Me


My name is Jessica. This is my website. I think you might have figured that out already though.

I am a graphic designer by trade. I specialize in branding packages (think logos, business cards, that sort of thing) and print designs. I'll be the first to admit that website design isn't something I'm super into, but I get that it's a necessity at this point.

Pottery is my main hobby. It's a great creative outlet that allows me to be a little more hands-on than working on a computer does. Let's face it, it's also really fun to just play with clay like a kid sometimes.

I have a dog named Bear. He was a stray that just showed up in my backyard one day. Now he sleeps in my bed and is pretty sure that he runs the place. I call him a mini lab, but really he's just a mutt that looks like a small black lab. He is currently working on a book of poetry, which is going pretty well considering he doesn't have thumbs and doesn't speak English.

Before COVID, I was really into traveling. I even have a travel blog with a friend that hasn't been updated in an embarassingly long time.

Basically, when you boil it down, I'm a graphic designer based in Opelika, AL who likes to play with clay and is obsessed with her dog.